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Charles Spurgeon Documentary Kickstarter Project, by Stephen McCaskell


SpurgeonStephen McCaskell is a reader, writer, and (if I may say so) an expert on all things Charles Spurgeon. When he released his book Through the Eyes of C.H. Spurgeon: Quotes from a Reformed Baptist Preacher, with the help of the massive Facebook following he’s created, I had to learn more about Stephen. You can read my first interview with Stephen to learn more about his book here.

Today however, I’m asking him about his new Charles Spurgeon project. For the TL;DR version, skip to the trailer below.

Through the Eyes of Spurgeon

So tell us about this new project, the Charles Spurgeon documentary.

Charles Spurgeon was an incredible man of God who, even though he had a short life (57 years), experienced a great deal. From an early age, Spurgeon became convicted of sin and the depraved state he was in as was revealed to him as he read God’s Word. After much searching and wrestling he came to a saving faith in Jesus Christ in the most peculiar way (you’ll have to watch the film to see how this happens). He suffered illnesses, depression and much more, however in all of that he never strayed from his hope, Jesus Christ. My hope in Through the Eyes of Spurgeon is to give the viewer a never before seen look at the life and ministry of Spurgeon.

Why is Charles Spurgeon so important to make a film about him?

Charles Spurgeon has written more than any author, living or dead. His passion for the gospel in every aspect of his life is something to be admired and imitated. In his lifetime he preached to over 10,000,000 people the good news of Jesus’ loving sacrifice for sinners. This timeless message is the same hope that we as Christians have today. In discovering and unpacking Spurgeon’s life my hope is that others will be encouraged, challenged, convicted and brought into a deeper understanding of the gospel.

Is it true once this is created, it’ll be free for everyone?

Yes! I have no intention of making a dime off of this project. My hope is to get this documentary to the masses for the spread of the gospel and the glory of God.

So, if just a few thousand more people give one more dollar, this thing is going to be made? What else is there to get?

The support thus far has been incredible. People all over the globe are joining me in making this documentary a reality by contributing finances, sharing on social networks and praying. There’s less than 10 days left for us to hit our goal. If we cannot reach our goal of $10,000 then we won’t be able to make the documentary. Kickstarter is an all or nothing fundraising platform, so if you cannot contribute financially, then share the campaign with your friends. Every share helps!

You’re over halfway funded, what’s one thing people will learn from this film that will make it worth-while funding?

Through the Eyes of Spurgeon is unique and unlike any other Spurgeon documentary that has ever been made. We’ll be visiting over 40 Spurgeon locations documenting the factual life and ministry of Spurgeon. This isn’t a docudrama. This is a real and raw documentary that will tell the story of Spurgeon in the most whole and complete way possible given our allotted time. The script for the documentary is based on his massive 2-volume autobiography, letters he exchanged with his family and congregation and his diary.

You get the last word—go!

Few have combined so many gifts and achievements in such a short lifetime as Charles Haddon Spurgeon. During his 41 years as a pastor and preacher, Spurgeon published over 150 books, while preaching regularly to congregations of 6,000, in addition to launching almost 70 charitable causes, many of which still exist today. His impact was so great, that even after a century of his death he is still read by millions on every continent. I’d be honored and humbled if you would join me in sharing his story with the world.

Help fund this project—today!

You can contact Stephen through his Kickstarter page. Join the community of over 100K Spurgeon fans here.

TL;DR version below:

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