Grant Cardone – Best-Selling Author | Speaker | CEO of 4 Private Co’s with $100M in revenue | Real Estate Holdings of $500M |

I love who you are. I love how you present yourself….I love this dude. This guy’s hungry. He’s ready to go! (video)

Ryan Nelson – Professional Writer

One of Nate’s greatest strengths is his ability to recognize and harness the potential of the people and products he works with. As my manager for over a year, Nate always helped me identify the ways I wanted to grow and the best strategies I could use to pull it off.

Nate consumes marketing books as fast as they come out and he’s always experimenting with the latest marketing tools, so you can always count on him for fresh ideas about how to leverage products, relationships, and resources.

Nate will be an asset to any organization that has the pleasure of working with him.

Kent Sanner – Digital Advertising Strategist

Nate excels at all aspects of digital marketing. He crafts relatable stories, builds lasting relationships, and inspires action–all while leveraging the web’s newest tools before his peers even know they exist. I’ve had the pleasure of reporting directly to Nate for over a year. He brings a high level of interest in the projects, growth, and success of each of his team members. His leadership style is open, relaxed, and inspires creative teamwork.

I’ve yet to meet someone that can keep pace with Nate’s constant search for knowledge and desire to grow.

Brian Williams – Experienced Product Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, and Brand Strategist

Nathan is an incredible person to work with. He is a talented marketing professional with a specialty in networking and relationship development. He is a hard worker and was helpful in furthering many of the initiatives we were pursuing at Faithlife.

Mike Worley – Partner at Monkedia

We have done numerous promotions for some very big projects with Nathan the past couple of years while at David C Cook. Every time Nate hit it out of the park with his attention to detail and follow through in getting the biggest ROI possible. He is and will always be a strategic partner with our digital marketing campaigns.

David Davidson – Software engineer at Formidable Labs

Nate’s a terrific social-media guy, but that’s not even his biggest strength, IMO. What he’s *really* good at is ideas.

Working with him means getting a constant stream of new ways to promote whatever you’re working on. He’s humble enough to discard bad ideas right away, and confident enough to fight for quality when he sees it. With Nate around, you’ll never run out of promotions. #abundance

Plus, he’s a relationship builder–his promotions succeed, and a big part of why they do is that Nate finds the best people to work with, inside or outside of his organization. #heknowseveryone

Finally, of course, he’s pretty darn good at hacking the internet. He’ll find the best technology/platform for a promotion, learn it inside and out, and then use it to make his ideas work.

Jeffrey Kranz – Digital content, marketing, and communication strategist

Ideas, energy, and teamwork: Nate brings these to every project he touches. He’s always learning new things, teaching his teammates, building strong relationships, and delivering #likeaboss. I thoroughly enjoy working with him and highly recommend him for any project involving social media, customer engagement, or business development.

Seth Hinz – Web/Media at Michigan District of the Lutheran Church

Nate generously offered to spend some time running through some advertising ideas. In just 30 minutes, he not only demonstrated his expertise, but demonstrated that he truly cares about improving the way ministries reach out into their communities. His ideas were “ready to run with” and I can’t wait to start implementing them. The next time we need insight or consultation on advertising or community building, I’m circling back to him first. Thanks, Nate!

Adam Moore – Social Media Specialist

Nate is extremely generous with his time and wisdom. He has keen insight into the digital marketing space. I definitely recommend him and his expertise.

Asheritah Ciuciu – Founder of One Thing Alone

Nate has an incredible ability to look at a situation and recognize key opportunities for small changes that will make a big impact. In a short amount of time, he was able to give me feedback to help increase conversions on one of my sales pages, and I look forward to seeing how those tweaks will affect our bottom line.

Brandon Morrow – Preaching Minister at Gateway Church

Nate is a quick-witted innovator in marketing and advertising. I consulted with Nate regarding an upcoming project and provided very little details for Nate to work with and I left with a sheet full of notes. He was able to provide valuable insight into SEO Management as well as developing and managing a Content Management Strategy. If you’re looking for assistance in marketing strategy and advertising, growing your company or project, Nate is a helpful and accessible tool.