3 years ago

Five free Chrome extensions for every marketer

Google Chrome Web Store
Every marketer will have a set of tools they prefer. Many of the tools we choose to use has something to do with being effective but also more efficient. 
I’ve identified a few simple and free tools that I’ve found to be extremely helpful and to help me save time. Take a look at a few of the Chrome extensions I highly recommend.
  1. Google Analytics URL Builder Tool: This tool is awesome. It allows you to quickly tag a link, copy the link, 
    and even create a bit.ly of the link. You can even use your custom bit.ly URL with this tool. I’ve already saved a ton of time using this tool every day. The tool tags the URL of the page you currently are browsing. With this tool you can pre-create sets of parameters to tag links for your custom campaign tracking needs. Simply open the page, click the icon, fill in the parameters or use your pre-set tags, and copy the link. 
  2. Daily Stats for Google Analytics: This is a quick way to take a look at how your site(s) are performing currently. The tool has options to let you choose which sites you want to see metrics for and which ones you don’t want to view. It should help you save time and stay up to beat on your most current daily traffic. If you manage multiply websites, I suggest you take the time to select which sites you want to display.
  3. Evernote Web Clipper: To me this tool is invaluable! This tool allows me to essentionally take a screen grab, with live links and save any website to my Evernote. This tools allows me to select exactly what I want to clip or to clip the whole page. I have used this really neat tool for grabbing air travel itineraries, articles, blogs I discover, and other random things I don’t wont to forget. Once you decide to clip a webpage you can then save the clipping to any notebook (including a new one), add tags, and add any notes you want. 
  4. Bitly URL shortner: Sometimes I want to use a shortened URL for a site that I do not manage and I’m not worried about link tagging. This is where the Bitly tool comes in hand. Just click the icon while visiting the webpage you want a shortened link for, then save the bitmark. If you like keeping your click stats secret, you have the option to set your bitmarks private before saving. Once the bitmark is saved, you can allow for all bitmarks to auto-copy, you can customize the bitly, make notes, add to a bundle, and share directly. This is a super-slick tool.
  5. Google Black Menu: If you’re like me, you often operate throughout the day with lots of open tabs. My day starts by opening the same five tabs every morning. Throughout the day I use multiple Google tools including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Analytics, and Google Webmaster Tools. So if you use any of the Google tools I mentioned, and others, then this tool is for you. It’s a quick access menu to many of Google’s services. Simple and to the point.
What tools do you use? Leave a comment or send me a tweet @NateSmoyer.


You can get each of these tools in the Chrome Web Store.

**BONUS**If you sync your Chrome browser, your extensions will automatically show up on any computer you log into your Google account.