Quick Clip – A Free, Simple Clipboard Chrome Extension

Quick Clip is a free, easy to use Chrome Extension that helps you keep all the links you need to copy and paste regularly in one place. It works as your clipboard on demand.

You know the struggle of always having to copy and paste the same links–over and over–if you work on the internet for your day job.

The Quick Clip Chrome Extension will help you increase productivity, stay organized, and limit your distractions by keeping the links you need in one place and giving you access to them on demand without having to leave the tab you’re currently on.

To get started, simply add the Quick Clip extension from the Chrome store. Then plug in the few links you want to store easy access and you’re all set.

Give it shot!

Install Quick Clip today!

When to Use Quick Clip

When you use the Quick Clip Chrome Extension, you never have to leave the tab you’re on to grab any link. This limits the number of distractions when you’re focused on a project, email, or form.

Use the Quick Clip Chrome Extension to copy and paste:

  • Links to projects in Trello or Asana
  • Links to assets stored on an internal server
  • Your calendar or booking site
  • Social profiles, websites, or articles
  • Phrases for DMs or chat campaigns
  • Any link or phrase you use often

Give Quick Clip a try today–it’s free to install!

Here are a few ways you can easily add new links to your Quick Clip Chrome Extension.

Select any text or link you want to add.

Then right click and select “ Add New Link”.


Select any text or link you want to add.

Then click on the Quick Clip Chrome Extension icon in your browser.

Click, “Add New Link +”, and then paste your link inside the input box.

See it in action:

Go ahead and try Quick Clip—it’s free and easy to use!