Marketing Services

Growth is not just a buzz word, it’s necessary! 

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Growth is what I focus on. Observe exhibit A:

email subscribers growth chart

That isn’t just some generic chart I found on the internet. It’s one I created just a few weeks ago for a product I was marketing. As you can see, there was tremendous amount of growth that began in early April. This is what I strive for. Clear, unquestionable, ridiculously-awesome growth! It’s what I want to bring to your business.

Here’s the deal: at some point, your business needs to grow. Whether that’s so you can finally afford to hire that extra helper or so you can take the vacations you’ve always dreamed of. Some of you have the hope of becoming acquired, while some of you need to make investors happy today.

Here’s What I Can Do for Your Business

The core services I provide include:

  • Advertising strategy and management
    • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail, Adwords
    • Retargeting and upsell campaigns
    • Sponsored content and social influencer campaigns
  • Website optimization and monetization
    • Email and data capture improvement
    • Conversion and ecommerce optimization
    • Ad tech set up and optimization
  • Contest and giveaway strategies
    • Finding and securing partnerships
    • Selecting platform, strategy, and launch management
    • Follow up and lead nurture campaign management
  • Ideation for days and days

Let’s get right to it! If you’re serious about growing your business then let’s begin with a 15–20 minute discovery call to see where your business is at and how I can help it grow.

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