Husband, friend, marketer, adventure seeker, and kid at heart. Those words best describe who I am.

For those of interested in my professional life, I got my start when I was 14 as I began my pursuit to open a skatepark in my hometown of Pottstown, PA. Over the next 16 years I would use the science of digital marketing, the art of persuasion, the skill of creating partnerships, and a lot of passion to accomplish more than I had hoped. Some of those accomplishments includ starting a nonprofit (now running for 17 years), breaking a world record, growing Facebook accounts to over 100K fans, and directly contributing to the sale of millions in software products. To learn more about my career path, take a look at my résumé.

Outside of work I enjoy reading books on psychology or sales and marketing, running, riding BMX, hosting friends for cookouts, and attempting to find the perfect cup of coffee wherever I travel.

I love meeting other hustlers and doers. Let’s connect!