I really wanted to create one of those about sections where I write this super professional and impressive bio. But after some advice from friends about how my “super professional” bio wasn’t communicating my brand, I’ve decided to give you this instead.

I’ve been working since before I got paid for it. As a kid, I would spend two hours building a snow jump knowing I only had 30 minutes of sledding after that to enjoy shredding it. As a teenager I started riding BMX and decided to help open up a skatepark by founding a nonprofit. I worked on that project for eight years—for free. As a young adult I fundraised and promoted an annual outdoor concert event that hosted almost 18,000 people in it’s fourth year.

Somewhere along the way, I was introduced this idea that there must be a way to get more results for my efforts. I distinctly remember one day I was sharing with a co-worker on a job site that I wanted to study why people do what they do so that I could make them do what I wanted them to do. What a schemer I was!

This fascination with psychology hasn’t faded. Although now I work for more than just getting people to do what I want them to do. As a professional marketer I use a mix of persuasion, art, science, and a whole ton of hyperlinks to get the job done. I have managed and scaled channels, strategized and executed campaigns, grown affiliate programs, and have built teams in order to sell millions in tech and non-tech products in B2B and B2C categories within the last seven years.

As a marketer I work to help companies effectively market their products and services, that are designed to solve problems for others.

If your business happens to have a problem (lackluster leads, waining web traffic, sales are slumping), then maybe we should talk. Reach me using any of the links below.